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the cunning type


The KawoShin Trio []


i love bokuto!!!!!!!!!!!


okay okay okay..but think about bokuto being really built but also rly pudgy…………………….bara

#fav #bokhooto #dude he would be the ultimate hugger #like picking people off the ground kind of hugger #imagine him just plucking akaashi off the ground like ‘hey little man just shhhhh’ and hugging for three solid minutes

wtf this is so cu t e i bet he cud pick up and hug akaashi kuroo and tsukki at one time

okay okay okay..but think about bokuto being really built but also rly pudgy…………………….bara



i hate to do this, but the situation my family is in right now is pretty bad. we’re teetering on the edge of homelessness and need some help.

as some of you know, we moved from utah back to washington and are staying with family. but recently tensions have been high, and i’m not sure how much longer we can stay here. we’re looking at rentals and might have found a place, but everything is still pretty up in the air. my dad doesn’t make a lot, and while my mom has a job lined up, the hiring process is taking a long time and we can’t be sure of when she’ll begin getting paid. whether it be for rent, deposit, food, or other moving expenses, the money from this fundraiser would be a huge help to my family.

even if you cant donate, signal boosts are appreciated :^)

thank you so much to those who have donated so far!! my dad nearly broke down in tears when i told him we had over 300$ already…


the ashikiba tag doesnt update enough so im doing something about that. look at these cute shikibas

goes back to thinkin about tsukki

i get annoyed when people say “cartoons arent as good as they used to be” like why?? because it isnt how you remember it?? because it changed over time??? because you are lost in your nostalgia???????? 

cartoons now are called brainless but what have you learned from catdog or looney toons?? those arent inherently bad but i cant think of a single thing those cartoons have taught me to make them better than current day television not to say that there isnt bad cartoons out today but when people say things arent as good as they used to be its like are they really not or are you afraid of growing up and seeing how everything is changing around you


O N O D A  S A K A M I C H I