SCM music player いいよ いいよ いいよ いいよ いいよ

the only kurotsuki i ship is romantic if u do that whole one-sided fuck buddy shit i dont even wanna know u

i think its important, in regards to queerbaiting, to keep in mind what western people see as queerbaiting is completely different seeing as japan never had the same loud gay rights movement as the US so there was no straight people going 'oh shit gotta make it clear im straight' which is where phrases like no homo comes from

ye i keep aware of that its v different here and there

Kenhina!! You can draw kenhina!!!

heavy party of the year

transmahirukoizumi replied to your post: someone just tagged my pony gijinkas a…

black people don’t exist in europe apparently

i bet they love frozen

someone just tagged my pony gijinkas as “i headcanon rarity as european but black is good too”



Pyro and Heavy’s review of their respective NECA action figures.


First ya’ll wanna fuck an evil clock then ya’ll wanna fuck the evil animatronics now ya’ll wanna fuck an evil triangle this is why abstinence education doesn’t work


Riley always checks to see if you are as happy to go on a walk as she is 💖